Growing Microgreens

Microgreens are one of the most nutrient dense foods available and are an amazing crop to grow all year round. They can also be a fully fledged business in their own right, or be a fantastic additional income stream for existing food businesses.

This course will take you through how to grow the main microgreen crops including the seeds, the equipment, how to sow, how to care for them and how to harvest them.

Module 1 - Growing Radish & Broccoli Microgreens

Follow along with Jack as he shows you the basics of growing microgreens and exactly how to grow radish & broccoli microgreen seeds into gorgeous little shoots. You will learn the basics of microgreen growing, the equipment you need and exactly how to do it from seed to harvest.

15 mins.

Module 2 : Sunflower Shoots & Pea Shoots

From his specialised microgreen growing shipping container; Jack takes you through how to grow Sunfllower Shoots and Pea Shoots Microgreens. These are both delicious and desired by chefs all over, so a fantastic microgreen to learn to grow.


Module 3 - Growing Coriander Microgreens

– Released 11th April –

In this module Jack shows you the differences when growing Coriander as microgreens. This shoot sized coriander micro really packs a punch of flavour but has slightly different requirements and processes to other microgreens.


The Microgreen 101 Webinar Replay

Did you miss the original microgreens growing webinar. You can catch it here and learn from the questions asked of Jack in this live replay.

1 hr 20

Free Microgreens Ebook To Download

We are delighted to be able to include this E-Book written and designed by Jack. Included with your Academy membership.


Andy Food Grower Academy



Owner of Jacks Patch, Food Growing Consultant and Permaculture Teacher.

Chris has been growing for over 8 years and has extensive knowledge in permaculture, indoor growing and much more.


Andy Food Grower Academy



Owner of Fanfield Farm which has grown and delivered over 4500 veg boxes in East Sussex.

Chris has been growing for 10 years and has extensive knowledge in running businesses and marketing too.